Drop City.

Rabbit, Peter. 


“Giggles and madness…” writes ESQUIRE about the founders of DROP CITY. “These people were so whimsical about their historical mission that there was no way they could have failed.”

And thus a raggedy band of pure poets erected the First City of the Future, building for a few dollars and with old car frames geodesic domes à la Buckminster Fuller. No sweat!

This is the first complete account of DROP CITY by one of the founding Droppers, Peter Rabbit — a classic saga and a mind-blowing riot, written with immense love, wisdom and erectile charm. — Publisher’s blurb.

New York (NY): The Olympia Press & Inc., 1971. First edition. (17.8 × 10.8 cm). Paperback. Texts in English. Wrappers. Glue bound. Illustrated in b/w throughout. Condition: Near fine. Shelf wear. Item ID: 4146.

Subjects:Communes,Geodesic Architecture

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