Schmalz, Alan. 


Artist’s multiple created by Alan Schmalz and published by Soccochico Editions. Oil on paper mounted on wood with embossing typography and shapes. Metallic structure. Limited to 3 numbered copies, this one is numbered 1/3. The edition is inserted in a customised cardboard box. Other colour variations (Edition No.2 & No.3) are available on request.

Alan Schmalz (born in 1987, Geneva) is a Swiss artist exploring the fields of painting, sculpture, installation and writing. His works have been shown in galeries and institutions such as Clearing (Brussels), Sentiment (Zürich), Swiss Institute (New York), Weiss Falk (Basel), The Box (Los Angeles) and Truth and Consequences (Geneva).

Berlin: Soccochico Editions, 2022. (43 × 34 cm). Condition: New. Item ID: 8198.


Formats:Artists’ Multiples,Multiples

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