Hip Culture. 6 Essays in its Revolutionary Potential. Yippie, Third World, Feminist, Marxist, High School Student, Anarchist.


Is the ideology of Hip Culture the essence of self-determination, of the universal right of the individual to control her his everyday life; the harbinger of the end of domination, authoritarianism, hierarchy and power? Is Hip Culture making demands that cannot be accommodated by the system and will thus bring about the end of the capitalist era?


Is “do your own thing” the slogan of ‘hip’ middle-class, white men who continue to do their thing, as their straight counterparts have always done, by dominating and exploiting women, the Third World and working people? Will today’s energy of discontent merely be channeled into the making of a groovy drug/rock sanctuary for the disenchanted inheritors of capitalism’s overabundance? — Publisher’s blurb.

Cover design by Su Negrin.

New York (NY): Time Change Press, 1970. First edition. (17.8 × 13.5 cm). Softcover. Texts in English. Wrappers. Saddle-stapled bound. Illustrated in b/w throughout. Condition: Fine. Item ID: 4152.

Subjects:Counterculture,Social Movements,Politics,Feminism


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