Douard, David & Romain Hamard. 


“The exhibition O’DA’OLDBORIN’GOLD is anchored in modernity, its starting point is an episode of collective trance, which occurred in Strasbourg in 1518. Without explanation nor symptoms, a woman started to dance frantically for five days straight. In a few weeks, nearly 400 townsfolk were convulsing in tune.” — Clément Delépine

Composed by Romain Hamard on David Douard’s invitation, this sound piece reproduced on vinyl under the title O’DA’OLDBORIN’GOLD was broadcasted looped in Galerie Chantal Crousel’s spaces during the eponymous exhibition on view between January 12 and February 14, 2019. This one hour track pressed on a 12” vinyl engaged David Douard to pursue his plastics thoughts by producing a diverse paterned silkscreen plastic folder borrowing forms and words printed on fabrics from his framed artworks.

Paris: Galerie Chantal Crousel, 2020. First edition. (30.7 × 30.7 cm). Unique silkscreened folder by David Douard. Composed by Romain Hamard. Condition: New. Item ID: 9011.


Formats:LP’s,Artists’ Editions

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