Sehtexte und Kommentare.

Kriwet, Ferdinand. 


Sheet printed on both sides and folded three times to create a leaflet. Published by the Cologne based Verlag M.DuMont, it presents thirteen concrete poems by Kriwet from the series ‘Rundscheiben’ (‘Round Disks’, first serie, 1960-61 & second series 1962-63) and ‘Lesebögen’ (‘Reading Sheets’), alongside a text and comments and serves to promote an upcoming publication by the artist.

“The term ‘Sehtext’ comprehends the problem of visually perceivable poetry, as I think it should be for the right term, as that of the tension between seeing and reading (of text) and further between the different degrees of visibility and legibility, reading and understanding. Seeing is a process of empathy, reading is the reaction to it, as if it were already intellectual”. — Ferdinand Kriwet.

Cologne: Verlag M.DuMont Schauberg, 1964. (29.7 × 21 cm). Softcover. Texts in German. Condition: Near fine. Light shelf wear. Item ID: 8099.

Subjects:Concrete Poetry,20th Century

Formats:Brochures,Dealers Catalogues

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